Start with Us, Stay with Us

In this late breaking story, KMAC team members report incredible development opportunities and career growth! It is said that the opportunities for advancement at KMAC are endless. In every city there are multiple Assistant Managers, Restaurant General Managers & District Coaches who began their career as Team Members.

Development with KMAC is more than just becoming a Manager. You will have the opportunity to build your Leadership skills by working with your RGM and the entire management team. This will allow you to develop essential skills that can be used in all facets of life. KMAC will pay you to learn skills that will establish the foundation for your success for years to come!

At KMAC we have a strong PROMOTE FROM WITHIN philosophy. This means opportunities for you! Team Members have the opportunity to be developed to Shift Managers. Shift Managers then have the opportunity to develop into an Assistant Manager and become eligible for bonus and other benefits.

Okay, you’re interested. GREAT! Now what?

  1. Show your interest - let your RGM & District Coach know
  2. Meet the prerequisities-
    1. Minimum age is 18
    2. Have a VALID drivers license and a vehicle
    3. Available to work minimum of TWO closes a week
    4. Certified as a Service and Food Champion
  3. Assess growth readiness with an interview with your District Coach. If your coach approves then your RGM will start your training!
  4. Get Developed!
    1. Complete Shift Manager Learning Zone training
    2. Have a second Interview with your District Coach & Market Coach
    3. Have a background check
    4. Get Promoted!

Remember, this opportunity is for you and it begins with you!