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Awesome 2017 Achievers
The following achivievers qualified for our 2017 Hawaii Trip

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Core Traveling Trophy
Kelle, our Growth Leader in OKC/Tulsa Markets, loves to recognize great performers! Here are the past and current trophy holders for Best CORE and Food Safety Performance as measured by the current Steritech Audit process….

Round 2 Final Winners :

 Team 652, led by Krista "Parade Queen" Pilley, pulled of a 99% and Zero, that's right ZERO FSIs

 Team 330, led by Jack Allison, won it by scoring a 98.9% and 3 FSIs

 Team 338, led by Stephanie Cline representing the Tulsa Market

 Team 668 in El Reno, representing the OKC Market

Round 3:

 Team 696, led by Kevin Whitehead, is the current leader for Round 3 in the OKC Market…

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