K-MAC Baby Bells

K-MAC welcomes their newborn babies to the K-MAC family

Throughout the year, many K-MAC employees bring new bundles of joy into the world. We like to showcase these newborns on our website and quarterly employee newsletter!

Take a look at some of the newest additions to our K-MAC family!

Maddox Lee Baron born 4/30/18.

Born to Lacey Fimple from store 732 on Monday, April 30 at 12:30 a.m.

Baby Burney was born on 4/30/18.

Cathy Paine, from store 586, has a new grandson. This is her 4th grandson, born 4-30-18 and weighing 6 1/2 lbs.

Nina Lyn Seward was born on 4/5/18.

Kirt Steward, from store 538, and his wife Kristina delivered their beautiful baby girl on April 5th, 2018!! 6 lbs, 5 oz.

Zoey Jean Penelope Christianson was born on 1/26/18.

Isaac Christianson, from store 314, and his wife delivered their beautiful baby girl!! She weighed 8lbs. 6oz. and she was 21in. long. Look! Still in uniform, he rushed out of work.

Carter Auztin Reid Wiley was born on 1/29/18.

Charles Wiley, from store 539, and his wife delivered their beautiful baby boy!!

Serenity Gina Lynn Faamafi Meacham, 7lb 7oz., 19 in. was born on 1/3/18.

Dean Meacham, from store 720, and his wife delivered their beautiful baby girl!!

Noah Gene McBride, 9lb 8oz., 22 in. was born on 9/21/17.

Grandson of Growth Leader, Kelle Lively. Noah joins his big brother Emerson, who is 2.

Aaron James Crow, 9lb 1oz., 21 ? in. was born on 9/7/17.

Marsha Crow, KMAC office, 5th grandchild, he has two brothers, Levi and Elijah. Parents are Andrew and Mary Crow.

Sam welcomed his 2nd grandchild, Olivia Rose Dobbs on July 28, 2017......

As you can see, proud Grandpa in Action! Check out the burp pad and all. Someone is prepared!!!!!!

Look at the proud parents of Miss Lyra Tensley Evans!!! LeWalt must have been so excited about the birth, that he came straight from Work!!!! LeWalt is a 3rd Assistant for us at #674/Mexico, Missouri. Congrats on your New Arrival !!