Taco Times

**2nd BAAT Day**
"KMAC’s 2nd BAAT Day……think this is really catching on Team, look at all those Awesome 1:1’s occurring!!!!" Can’t wait for BAAT Day next month!!!!! **Click on picture to make it larger**

**Team Farmington-Speed Madness Contest Winners**
Erika Thompson and Brian Hubbard celebrated there speed madness contest winners by taking a pie to the face! Here are the pictures for you all to see along with pictures of our awesome Farmington team led by Brytnee Turner. Congrats team Farmington!!!

**737 Grand Opening**
Here we Grow Again!!! Here is Store 737, led by Stephanie and Team, with great support from not only her Coach, Ben, but also, her peer GMs from Tulsa and surrounding areas!!! Way to team together Team KMAC!!! We even had a VIP/Celebrity sighting.....no, not Carrie Underwood, we got a visit from none other than Mr Kenny Eckelhoff!!!!! Stephanie and her team are going to kill it here this summer!!! Congrats Team 737!!!!!!

**1st BAAT Day**
KMAC's 1st BAAT Day!!!! Many more to come............. **Click on picture to make it larger**

**Team 546 **
?Another team celebrating Awesome Speed!!! Here is Team 546, Ada, led by James Fowler, celebrating their win for fastest in the District for P4??..

** Store Re-opening ** Greenwood, Arkansas
We did it again, opening or rather re-opening another store today! Team Greenwood, led by Zeb Brown , is officially a stand-alone Taco Bell! We "de-coupled" it by taking out the KFC! Congrats team and Good Luck on your First Day!!!!! Man, that's a nice looking store!

Nacho Average Fries, these Are Real Nacho Fries
Check out these Team Pics we got over the weekend of some stores rolling out Fries Live!!!! Keep the pics coming! Way to go to these teams and everyone else that got their Fry Rally done last weekend! I'm excited to see more pics form other Fry Rallies this weekend!!!!

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New Market Coach - Lonnie Green
Lonnie Green will be stepping into the Market Coach role in Springfield. Lonnie just celebrated his 30th Anniversary with Taco Bell!!!! Wow!!!! Lonnie has a real "Can Do" attitude and can get a team aligned and moving forward in no time flat. His expertise is in both Recognition and Build Great Teams! Now that's a combo for success if there is one! Lonnie ran one of our most successful Districts over the past few years, so he is definitely not a One Hit Wonder kind of performer! Way to go Lonnie!!!

New District Coach - Brenda Harris
Please welcome one our latest and greatest to the District Coach Team. Brenda Harris, from store #397, is the one to lead Lonnie's former District! Brenda, as some of you may recall, ran a great store and team, in fact so great are they, that this was always the team to beat every period last year during our SWS Contest. They were Number 1 almost each period!!!! She has been with Taco Bell for over 29 years, so she is definitely bringing a successful track record to the team and is truly a People Champion and Builds Great Teams!!! Congrats Brenda!!!!

**Re-opening** Lamar, Missouri
Great News on the Growth Front!!! We Re-Opened our Lamar KT as a straight Taco Bell Today!!!! Look at Team 310, led by Diahn Hayden! They are Super Excited to open as a Base Taco Bell!!!! Congrats to Team Lamar....What a Great Looking Store!!!

**New Store** Cuba, Missouri
More exciting news....we opened Another New Store today! This time, in Cuba Missouri! Team 739, led by Chris Gatten, are super excited to get it Rocking as our latest and greatest! Chris was most recently a R1 Assistant at our Rolla Store, and through hard work and dedication to "doing it right" moved into the GM role! So it's a real Win Win for the KMAC Family!!!! Congrats Team 739 and here's to a awesome Opening Day!!!

**New Store** Farmington, Arkanasas
Good Morning Team KMAC! What makes it super good is that we have yet another new store opening today! Please Welcome Team 738, in Farmington Arkansas! This awesome team is led Cori Bright, they are super excited as this one has been in the works for a bit.....

**New Store** Coweta, Oklahoma
Good Morning Team KMAC..... no matter how many times we say "here we grow again...", it still is just as exciting each and every time this year we've opened a new store!!! So here's our newest, Today Team 726 in Coweta, Oklahoma....Led by Christopher Burris open their doors for new Customers to the Taco Bell Experience!!!! Great Job Chris and Congrats to all the team and support folks for making it happen and have an Awesome First Day today!!!

**New Store** Idabel, Oklahoma
Good Monday Morning Team KMAC!!!! Well, we opened another store late last week and WHAT an Opening it was! Team Idabel, led by Quentin Robey, broke the previous Opening Day Record with $15,400.00!!!! That's a whole lot of Tacos folks!!!!!! They then followed Day One Record with a Day Two Record of $15,100!!! That's over $30,000 in two days, that's Incredible!!!! Congrats to Team 735, and all the coaches and visiting GMs help in making this happen!!! Let the good times keep rolling!!!

**New Store** Hugo, Oklahoma
Look at Team Hugo led by Krystal Oakes, ready to serve anxious Customers in Hugo, Oklahoma!!! Congrats team and make it a Super Duper First Day!!!!!

**New Store** Morganfield, Kentucky
Late breaking KMAC NEWS....Here we Grow Again!!! This time, in Morganfield, KY....RGM is Codey Duncan and he has been with us for about 5 years. Most of the staff is local from the area & the town is very excited about us being here! Congrats Codey and Team Morganfield!

Staff Testimonial from Growth Leader, Kelle Lively
"I wanted to share this with you. We have a Love's/Subway near our house that my husband and I go to all the time. I was really impressed with one of the ladies that worked their and she was always so friendly.

Several months ago, I gave her my card and told her to call me if she ever wanted a career change. I never heard from her so didn't think too much about it. But a couple of weeks ago, she called me, and I set her up with an interview for the Choctaw store.

They hired her and really like her a lot, and she sent me this note last night."

Hi Kelle, just wanted to say thank you so much for this opportunity. I began working at the Choctaw store last Saturday. I am enjoying it very much (except for feeling like a fish out of water, lol). Changing routines is never easy but, it is exciting & challenging. Last time I worked for the Bell, 30 Yrs ago, the stores were much larger because we actually prepped on site. It amazes me when I think of the volume of guests that this store serves in such a small space! Anyways, just wanted to touch base & say thank you! I won't let you down. Have a great day!

Thought it was a great ending, and a reminder to always be on the lookout for potential team members everywhere we go!

2017 Hawaii Trip
Check out all the beautiful pics from the Hawaii Trip

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**New Store** Green Park, Missouri
Welcome our Newest Store Family....Team 724 in Green Park, Missouri!!!! This one took a while to finally get open, but the Team was ready, led by Brittany Timmons!!!! She had a bunch of support from her peers including Mandi/Store #641 and Wade/Store #644!!! Way to team together and get off to a Great Start!!!! Congrats to All and Welcome to the KMAC Family!!!!!

K-Mac Welcomes New Coach - Sam Turpin
Please welcome our newest Coach to the Above Store Team, Sam Turpin! Sam has been with K-Mac for over 20 years and comes to us from the Owasso store where he was a Market Training Manager. Sam has helped out at 350, 562 and most recently at 632, which Sam opened! Sam brings a competitive spirit, a positive belief in people and a track record of developing great leaders with him into his new role! We are excited to see what the future holds for Sam and his team! Sam is leading one of our Tulsa Districts and has the honor of coaching the new Parsons, KS store which just set a new record for the Opening Day Sales Title!!!

2017 Bikes, Blues & BBQ - Fayetteville, AR
Bikes, Blues & BBQ hit Fayetteville this past weekend, and our Team Cantina was ready! Over 350,000 bikers from around the country attend this annual Bike Event every year, and this was our first year since the Cantina opened...Elencia and her team opened their doors to as many Bikers could fit in our store at one time serving up Delicious Taco Bell food and of course, all the Adult Beverages they wanted!

Here's to a great first run with BB&B 2017!!!!

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**Sales Record for Opening Day** Parsons, Kansas
Great News, we added a new Family yesterday....Team 733 in Parsons, Kansas....and not only are they new to the Family, but it's our first store in the Great State of Kansas!!! BUT the real news is they KILLED it yesterday with a Record Breaking $13561.00 on Day One!!!!! Holy Smokes, that is some serious Taco Selling!!!!! In fact, the customers were lined up, out to the street at 6:45 AM waiting for the store to open at 7:00AM!!!! From 10Am until they closed, their lowest hour was a $671....and their busiest hour was a $1471!!!!

Thanks Team Parsons for all you are doing along with a great support team from all across KMAC there to help them!!!

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What....our First 100+ CORE Score.....
This is Connie Bray, GM and Tammie Carmony, Shift Leader at W. Lafayette, In store 324. This was the team on duty for the 101.8%. Yes just 2 of them.

K-Mac Welcomes New Coach - Serena Purdy
Please welcome our newest Coach Serena Purdy who will be taking over the Branson Area. Serena has worked for Taco Bell for 17 years. She started working at the Shepherd of the Hills location in Branson when she was 16. In her 17 years she has helped train and work in a lot of the Springfield stores. Serena worked as a GM at the Nixa store for 6 years and ran outstanding numbers. Last year she won a trip to Florida. We are so excited to see what great things Serena is going to do with this team.

University of Arkansas Razorbash
Here are our Campus Reps, doing what they do best....spreading the word about the Greatness of Taco Bell!!! This was an event at the recent Univ of Arkansas Razorbash; where they talked up the brand to almost all of the incoming Freshman Class, um that would be about 5500 students!!! Kathyrn Sturgill and Emery Parry have been the UA Campus Reps for 3 years now! Around campus they are known as the "Taco Belles"!!!!!!

**New Store** Muskogee, Oklahoma
That's right team, and of course only Team KMAC can pull it off, but we just opened our 2nd new store of the day!!!! All in same day!!!! Please help me welcome Team Muskogee(our 2nd store in Muskogee) to the Family!!!! Can't wait to see all that Team 732 and Store Leader Stephanie accomplish over the next few days, months, and years!!!!

Way to go to everyone that has helped get both of these stores open today!!!

P.S.- Thinking Kenny, the Market Coach, is breathing a sigh of relief as he's added 2 stores!!!!

**New Store** Aubrey, Texas
We opened another store today in Aubrey, Texas! We are looking forward to great things from Team 667, led by Romichelle!!!!

Romichelle has been a great help to a number of other stores since we closed her Aubrey Inline store. She has waited patiently for over 7 months to finally get a full blown, free-standing Taco Bell.....and what a beaut it is!!!! Thanks everyone for making this Happen!!!

NASCAR Results
Hello Team! We wrapped up Period 8 last week, and below are the official "NASCAR" results for our Speed Contest! So who took the checkered flag????? It was Team 397 AGAIN!!! They were the fastest store last period AND this period in KMAC Land!!! They are definitely onto something....Way to Go Team!!!!

Henryetta, Ok Parade
Team 652, led by Krista Pilley, does it again! They scored 2nd place in this years Henryetta Parade.

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Congratulations for Store 565 in Okmulgee, Ok
Today I got to celebrate with Trish and team at 565 for their 100 % core with 1 FSI for round 2. I am so proud of you guys!!! --Christy Bryant (Coach of District #499)

**New Store** Centerton, Arkansas
Wow! The Team looks like they are definitely ready to Rock and Roll at our Newest Store- Centerton, Arkansas! Led by Amanda, we are looking forward to some exciting happenings at their store!!! We're super proud of you guys and congrats on opening and welcome to the KMAC Family!

Golden Ticket Winner
Josh Lyles was just picked as the First Golden Ticket winner for our upcoming Hawaii Trip of 2017!!!! When asked what makes Josh successful....his response was, "all about the Team!" He mentions that he has the best leaders in every one of his store, down to their newest GM at Union City!!! A true leader will always give his team all the credit, and Josh epitomizes what a great leader is all about! Congrats Josh! And thanks to your leadership and your awesome team, you should be packing your bags!!!!!

New Queso products rolling out in OKC Test Market
Once again, Team KMAC steps up to test some new and innovative products for Taco Bell!! Here is Team OKC rolling out a Queso Burrito and Queso Nachos...both made with an authentic Mexican inspired Queso!

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**New Store** Flora, Illinois
Here is our latest and greatest! Our new store in Flora, Illinois that opened August 18, 2017!!! Way to shine Team Flora!!!!!!

Charles Stewart - New District Coach
Our newest District Coach, out of our Little Rock DMA, is Charles Stewart! Charles will be taking over one of our Dallas Districts in the Lone Star State!!! Charles ran 616 most recently, where he was a multi period, decorated Market Training Manager. He has run many stores for us including 625, 345, 345 and 613...Some ways he would describe himself is Fearless, Strong Minded, Driven, Adaptive and Willing to Learn; all great skill sets to take with him in his new role within the KMAC Family! Congrats Charles!

Rally 2017
The Annual KMAC Rally occurred this past April. Wow, what a great experience for all our Store Leaders and Coaches! We had over 300 restaurants represented. Everyone got to go through Justin Patton's "Coaching with Head & Heart" workshop! That alone was an enlightening interaction for all. Lots of introspective thoughts about how we coach our teams with Head and Heart were happening....and of course the infamous Rally Party!!! 2017 did not disappoint either...all had a great time dancing and socializing the night away!! It goes down as one of the Best!

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Cantina Opening
We opened our first Cantina in March! Wow, what an experience that was and continues to be today! Our first foray into serving alcohol....Twisted Freezes are our specialty now! It is in Fayetteville, Arkansas...on the historic Dickson Street, and just two blocks from the University of Arkansas Campus!!! Go Hogs!

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